About Us

Nathalie Fadlallah started modeling in a very young age and made her way through ranks till she became one of the best models on an international basis. She quickly then established her own modeling agency which is known as Nathaly”s Agency founded 1988 and has the pure concept of making a model.

Nathaly's Agency is arguably the number one modeling agency in the Middle East supplying the top international,and local models in the market today.
Nathalie Fadlallah inspired to open Agency that would only supplied the best of the best.
In no time ,Nathaly's Agency became that vision, supplying to international and local Females and Male Models.
Nathaly's Agency has been in collaboration with many events epic events in lebanon.
Each of Nathaly's Agency events have been tagged with the term unforgettable such as:

Lux Fashion Week.
Play Boy Play Mates.
Sky Fashion Show 2010
Models $ Bottels .     etc...

Nathaly's Agency also offers product lauching for all types of big events,parties & exebitions.
It offers actors & actresses for all ages for production housses , advertising  agencies , magazines & video clips all over the world.